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Crank Up Caring Curriculum

Dear family,

This is our gift to you.

This is a curriculum designed specifically for you to practice at home. We cannot depend, only, on our schools to teach our children kindness, compassion and inclusion. The foundation must come from home.

The power is in your hands. You can use this power to help one person, 20 people or 100 people. How will you change the world? What do you want to do? How will you be caring?

We hope you have been touched by kindness in some way today.

-Caring Counts-

 Crank Up Caring!

Caring Counts: an at home caring curriculum

Research shows us that empathy is on a decline. But science tells us we are not born with a fixed amount of empathy. In fact, we can grow our empathy. Our five core pillars are designed to get kids thinking about caring in all aspects of life. Lessons are designed to give kids a voice, ask questions and promote action.

Crank Up Caring- For Me

Children will learn the importance of self compassion, tools for practicing it and why it matters.

* Question: Do I have compassion for myself?

Crank Up Caring- At Home

Children will learn the importance of respect in the home, tools for practicing compassion and why caring in the home is the foundation for caring in the world.

*Question: Do I have compassion for my mom, my dad, my siblings, my extended family?

Crank Up Caring- In School

Children will learn the importance of kindness in school, how to practice being kind, how to avoid being a bully and why being an upstander is essential in the school environment.

*Question: Do I have compassion for teachers, friends, students who aren’t my friends, school staff?

Crank Up Caring- In the Community

Children will learn the importance of helping others, helping people who are not in their inner circle and why kindness is power.

*Question: Do I have compassion for people in my neighborhood, people at the market, community members who have different beliefs from mine, community members who are different from me, homeless people I see living on the street?

Crank Up Caring- Around the World

Children will learn about people in need, people who have nothing. Children will understand why gratitude matters in our journey toward kindness.

*Question: Do I have compassion for children and people in need around the world?   

Topics will include:

-Call out caring!

-Be an upstander


-Caring Club



-Learning to love me

-Identifying bullies: Am I a bully? Am I an upstander?

-How can I help?


-Learning to be kind through books

-Online respect